Charlotte Gives Black

Join us on August 28 for #CLTGivesBlack, a community-wide day of giving to benefit the Black-led, Black-benefitting nonprofit organizations serving Charlotte-Mecklenburg. It is part of our community’s celebration of Black Philanthropy Month.

Since August 28th falls on a Sunday, this year features a weekend edition of our BIG GIVE, spanning Friday, Aug 26 thru Sunday, Aug 28.

Of the 100s of Black-led, Black-benefitting nonprofits serving our community, many can be found among the profiles at SHARE Charlotte.

In addition, New Generation of African American Philanthropists (NGAAP Charlotte) and African American Community Foundation of Charlotte-Mecklenburg are resources for information, insight and involvement.

Did you know? Out of the roughly $70 billion in annual philanthropic giving by US foundations, an estimated 2 percent of funding from the nation’s largest foundations is specifically directed to Black communities. 

Our community has an opportunity to defy this pattern of chronic underfunding and neglect by contributing both small dollars and major financial gifts on August 28th. But don’t stop there! Establish a connection today and find ways to continue the support, through volunteering, sharing your knowledge and network, and donating with re-occurring contributions.

Deeper knowledge, tighter relationships, along with significant shifts in funding policies, practices and beliefs can turn the tide. Changes to longstanding structures are crucial to remove barriers to access and blunt the impact of racial discrimination due to conscious and unconscious biases.

In Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Black-led organizations are often well-recognized beacons of hope and opportunity, delivering critical services, offering training, and giving voice to those frequently unseen and unheard.  They function as the backbone of communities, possessing the competence, the relationships and the trust needed with community members to promote and sustain well-being and survival.

As a community, we can work together for greater funding equity by clearing the path and leveling the field for Black-led nonprofits and for all nonprofits to access vital donations, grants and financial capital. 

Let’s work toward a fair and vibrant ecosystem of nonprofit organizations serving our diverse community. Every nonprofit deserves an equal chance to achieve financial freedom, experience organizational stability, and benefit from a network of trusted partners, volunteers and supporters.

#CLTGivesBlack is a jumpstart to a new future of racial equity in the Queen City. Make plans to participate, not only on August 28th but ongoing by giving generously, regularly and consciously — becoming a part of the change! 

Learn about the historical significance of August 28th here.

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