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The Giving Back Project is our civic engagement initiative to reframe portraits of philanthropy and reclaim the root meaning of philanthropy—love of humanity—by celebrating African American history and traditions. The initiative began when we published the book Giving Back and has now evolved into a vehicle for sharing our collective stories, promoting inclusive and responsive philanthropy, stimulating conscious giving. The multimedia exhibit Giving Back: The Soul of Philanthropy Reframed and Exhibited, our latest endeavor, is touring colleges and museums across the country.

You can make payments for Giving Back and/or contribute to the Giving Back Project at SocialGood.


The Soul of Philanthropy is our new museum exhibition!

We invite you to host the exhibit or to visit a venue that’s mounting an exhibition of the pop-up, abridged edition or the multimedia, comprehensive version.

Come to see philanthropy differently |

gbpcoverGiving Back: A Tribute To Generations of African American Philanthropists celebrates the giving spirit and vibrant philanthropic traditions among Americans of African descent. Rarely acknowledged as philanthropy, centuries-old cultural customs and beliefs nevertheless continue to have an impact on lives and communities. Images and narratives of more than 200 people commemorate the legacy of black philanthropists—from generous donors of wealth to ingenious givers carving a way out of no way.

A perfect gift book, Giving Back offers wells of inspiration for generous souls and lovers of photography, culture, and humanity. Every book purchased will keep giving, since the proceeds will be invested in philanthropic causes—and since the stories themselves will inspire readers to give.



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