Sweet 16

It’s Our Birthday!

In celebration of our 16th year, NGAAP invites you to join The Crown Circle!

The Crown Circle, an NGAAP Bold Project Fund (on the Grapevine platform for giving circles), comprises donors who contribute to The Bold Project™. The Bold Project is an NGAAP initiative with Black Organizations Leading Differently.

Through The Bold Project, NGAAP works to pave a new path in philanthropy, break down barriers, and elevate the vision and voices of Black leaders.

For our “Sweet 16” anniversary celebration, from June 8-Aug 8, contributors to The Crown Circle are asked to donate an amount derived from 16—that is, $16 one-time or per month…$160…$1600…or $16,000 and up.

Ultimately, a contribution in any amount will be appreciated. Join The Crown Circle today!

Your 100% tax-deductible contribution is an investment in creating a better future for all of us.

Thank you.

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