A History To Remember

We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond. 

― Gwendolyn Brooks

We have just entered a new year and now a new month ― the 1st day of Black History Month! Together, we have a fresh bounty of opportunities to look out for one another, to be supportive of each other, to be gentle and to extend grace.

We also have opportunities to affect real change. The coming months, however, will continue to be a rough ride as we all struggle to survive, keep safe, and hold it together. These challenges fall while we also are pushing for the dignity, safety and care of our people amid a pandemic where Black communities are suffering disproportionate losses, sickness and injustice.

During February, we can look back and draw inspiration from our history of brilliance and resilience, with a timely reminder on the 14th about the power of love. In Sankofa symmetry, six months later in August, we can invest in our collective future in a demonstration of love of humankind with Black Philanthropy Month.

NGAAP is here for the love, the community and for, as Ms. Brooks put it, “our magnitude”.

Read more from our Feb 1, 2021 e-communiqué.

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