Giving Black Matters

Protests for racial justice in Charlotte, NC, June 2020

As a giving circle, we study and learn together. We pool our dollars and leverage resources together. In recent weeks, we have grieved and raged together — while apart. As Black Americans, we have had to contend, again, with devastating indignities, dangers and deaths rooted in anti-Black racism. June 8th is NGAAP’s 14th year together. Yet, we cannot truly celebrate when horrifying videos, headlines, street scenes, data, rhetoric, and masks serve as unyielding reminders of threats that loom large over our health, civil rights, and humanity. We are, instead, marking this moment with an initiative of consciousness and an urgent call to give black.

Valaida Fullwood, Giving Black Matters

To mark our giving circle’s 14th anniversary, founding member Valaida Fullwood wrote an op-ed that speaks to these times. Read the full piece, Giving Black Matters: A Call for Philanthropy that Believes in Our Humanity and Invests in Our Equality, on

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