Decolonizing Charlotte


Queen Charlotte statue | Photo credit: Michael  Dantzler

Five months ago, New Generation of African American Philanthropists hosted Author Edgar Villanueva for a series of Decolonizing Wealth forums.

Inspired by our “Just. Community. A Decolonizing Wealth Conversation” in June and to mark National Native American Heritage Month and National Philanthropy Day, Valaida Fullwood, a founding member of NGAAP Charlotte, wrote and shared an opinion piece via Qcitymetro.

Titled What If We Decolonized Charlotte?, the article make a case for “new age of ideas, leadership and people power.” Below is an excerpt.

In lieu of assembling another task force, let’s use “money as medicine,” as Edgar puts it. Let’s direct resources to excavate the roots of injustice and examine its messy fruit. In addition to the litany of pre-K, literacy, mentoring and scholarship programs, let’s also invest in disrupting systems and institutions that perpetually feed the disparities that make such programs necessary. We need to be courageous enough and forward thinking enough to undertake that work, both internally and externally.

Read the complete article here.

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