From ‘The Sweetness of Circles’

BeFunky Collage_Circles

A collage of Black-led giving circles from around the country

“Unlike other communities of color and historically disenfranchised groups, for Black Americans giving circles affirm an African legacy.”
— From The Sweetness of Circles
READ The Sweetness of Circles, an opinion piece by three noted chroniclers of Black philanthropy and members of giving circles—in Chicago, Charlotte and Washington, DC, respectively. Together, the authors convey the historical significance of collective giving in Black communities, why the giving circle model resonates among Black Americans, the distinct ways they have impact, and how to bolster this growing movement in philanthropy.
The title and themes of the piece draw inspiration from an essay by the late Maya Angelou. “The Sweetness of Charity,” from her book Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now, examines the power of philanthropy. In commemoration of Ms. Angelou’s acclaimed poetry, storytelling and legacy of social activism, the piece comes as her birthday on April 4 approaches.
Authors of “The Sweetness of Charity” are:
Akira Barclay, Fresh Philanthropy, Chicago, IL
Valaida Fullwood, New Generation of African American Philanthropists, Charlotte, NC
Tracey Webb, Black Benefactors, Washington, DC

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