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New Generation of African American Philanthropists (NGAAP Charlotte) hosted ABFE President Susan Taylor Batten on October 25th as part of its series of Learn+Lead forums. Titled “Making Change,” the forum focused on data from ABFE’s Case For Funding Black-Led Social Change.

The case is grounded on the fact that Black social change leaders and Black-led institutions have played vital roles in nearly every major movement in America—from the abolition of slavery to Reconstruction, from anti-lynching campaigns to the Civil Rights era through today. Even so, it’s estimated that only 2 percent of funding by the nation’s largest foundations is specifically targeted to the Black community.

How does this astounding imbalance impact today’s struggle for justice, equity and opportunity? This question is one our giving circle is compelled to explore deeply.

Bias—explicit and implicit—against Black-led organizations feeds a false narrative about their effectiveness and worthiness for investment. This has been an unspoken reality for decades. ABFE’s case report aims to alter the prevailing narrative and its resulting injustice.

Held at the Harvey B. Gantt for African-American Arts + Culture, NGAAP Charlotte’s forum opened with a Changemakers Reception followed by Batten’s talk and a roundtable discussion.

Giving circle members and friends at the Making Change forum on Oct 25, 2018

This year marks the 12th year of NGAAP Charlotte, a giving circle whose members share values around giving back and practice philanthropy, individually and collectively, with their moves, minds and money.

NGAAP Charlotte’s series of Learn+Lead forums aims to:

  • Build upon the knowledge and lessons of philanthropic people working inside and outside of institutions
  • Nurture unity and community-mindedness
  • Advance shared beliefs and values
  • Foster new relationships and opportunities for collaboration
  • Seed fresh ideas and promote innovation, while attending to culture and tradition

Watch Moves, Minds & Money, a highlight reel that elevates key points and ideas from the forum.

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